w.w. plant Martina Franca (TA)

Residential building located in via Padre Pio - Bari

CO.BA S.p.a has born in 1977. Its legal office is in Bari and is oriented on civil and industrial building works, construction and managment of waste water treatment plants.

The company has a technical and commercial department and it is able to give the following services, helped also by qualified experts in the field:
- architectonic design, structural planing and installation of civil and industrial buildings;
- structural design and installation of urban and industrial waste water treatment plants;
- construction and maintenance of civil and industrial buildings;
- construction, management and maintenance of waste water treatment plants.

CO.BA S.p.a has many local and international clients like: "Acquedotto pugliese S.p.a", "Prefettura" in Bari, "Ente Autonomo Case Popolari" in Bari, "SnamProgetti".

CO.BA has a capital stock of Euro 413,165,51, fully paid in, and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Bari according to national regulations relating to construction plants (Law no. 46/90), has been awarded the SOA statement (Certificate of qualification to execute public works) according to the Law no. 109/94, relating to categories OG1 class V e OS22 class VI



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