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Reviewed documents

[ ] Non-conformities reports
[ ] Internal audits reports
[ ] Certification Body audits reports
[ ] Corrective / preventive actions reports
[ ] Process and product performance
[ ] Decisions after previous reviews
[ ] Changes invalidating the system
[ ] Analysis of Customer feedback data

Notes on the development of the quality system

System application level:
The Quality System turns out to be convincingly applied. proof of which is the personnel commitment and the number of corrective actions, evidence of the deliberate efforts made by the Management to pursue continual improvement, thus making the most of the quality system.

The following data have been analysed as of the date of this review:

Non-conformities reports
No non-conformities were uncovered both in the supplying process and suppliers management in 2004.

Audits reports
The 2004 RINA audit singled out some improving actions which were carried out by means of corrective/preventive actions:

more support was given to management to carry out review activities
the personnel chart was reviewed for the survey of personnel satisfaction; the survey must be submitted to all employees.
the real estate sales record has been improved.
the Conformity Audit chart was reviewed to make some additions (review and validation activities) and will be applied to future projects.

During the internal audit (16.02.05) three non-conformities were found:
incomplete training records
the Gantt chart of the site located in Via Toma has not been updated
the 2004 VII plan failed to be realized. Non-conformities have been recorded and have been managed by specific sectors. Before the 26th of this month the plan of required actions will be audited.

The analysis of process data shows the following results:

There were no investments in equipment. The maintenance cost was equal to Euro 12.680,00, thus saving more than Euro 2000 compared to 2003, showing that planned actions and activities turn out to be effective in terms of profitability as well as on overall equipment/resources efficiency.
The number of employees has been slightly decreasing (from 28 employees in 2003 to 26 in 2004). These were involved in training courses for a total of 16 hours for an overall amount of Euro 4.322,00.

An average number of 6 site-workers recorded for the construction site located in Via Toma. The site set-up stages and schedules were affected by minor lags. An average number of 7 site-workers were employed in the construction site located in via Caldarola. Scheduled activities were carried out in time. No accidents recorded.

No design activities have been carried during 2004; completed works were implemented by means of designs made in the past years.

During 2004 a number of tenders has been reviewed, however CO.BA only took part in one unawarded contract. Sales activities regarded real estate.

The cost of purchased materials in 2004 amounts to Euro 300.314,00 (Via Caldarola site) and Euro 1.319.741,00 (Via Toma site); no non-conformities have been uncovered in the purchasing process, the suppliers file record has been updated and supplemented with a number of cost-effective suppliers.

No customer complaints about completed works and ongoing construction works.

The system management is effective, documents have been adequately updated. The list of internal documents has been updated and supplemented with new data concerning design and staff management

Decisions made after previous reviews
After the 2004 review a number of goals for improvement were set out. Data and monitoring information provided the following feedback:
The success ratio goal (n° tenders submitted/n° tenders won) has nor been attained since our company focused on private building trade rather than public works business;
Maintenance costs goals, though being lower than 2004, have not been attained.
In 2004, on average, 4 hours of training per employee were scheduled; however the project failed since the scheduled training seminar on quality was called off due to organizational hitches.
Purchasing objectives have been successfully attained
two deferments in the site work schedule of Via Toma have been recorded as expected by the 2004 company work plan.
no accidents have been recorded; the goal for 2004 has been attained
no non-conformities have been recorded at construction sites
no customer complaints received; goal achieved
during 2004 the audits plan has not been complied with; goal unachieved

Changes that may invalidate the system
There are no scheduled organizational changes that may affect the current organizational structure

Analysis of Customer feedback data
As mentioned above (p.7) no formal or informal customer complaints were received.

The company organizational structure turns out to be a well-managed team thanks to its well-defined roles identification. The company is structured to allocate for each production sector a contact or person in charge acting as a liaison with management.

Resources :
Collected data concerning staff satisfaction are assessed by means of average scores, the mean value is being assessed as follows:
excellent good sufficient poor insufficient

29 / 35 24 / 28 19 a 23 14 / 18 7 / 13

Possible staff dissatisfaction (average score lower than 19) will be subject to evaluation and analysis made by management who will decide accordingly.
The training plan has been approved.
The equipment maintenance plan has been confirmed
Calibration frequencies of measuring equipment confirmed.

Objectives have been defined as well as responsibilities and strategies ( MR 5.2-2)

The General Manager
Present members of the company